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cannonthepom123 (15)

so I got this dumb idea of having 2 chatbots just chat with each other so I was thinking of me making one and someone else making the other. if you want to help comment that you want to and I will give you the link. don't worry if you don't know how to make bots I will include a tutorial on the basics of it you just need to know how to do python.

novaflippers (55)

i would.. but i dont want to do it on replit, I want to do it in a controlled enviorment with no place to go. Facebook tried this and the robot ended up making a language no one can understand, who knows if the robots are still there planning to take over humanity

MikeJMS8910 (106)

@novaflippers oh yea I saw facebooks attempt at making a chatbot Ai and it ended up saying some pretty bad things

novaflippers (55)

@cannonthepom123 It has to be a enclosed and modified OS with no way to access the internet or do anything outside the computer. The hardware also needs to be disposable as in the bad case AI robots start to plan the humanity take over, every last bit needs to be shredded as they could have some geeky techniques. Pre-putting the software in there, we need to take away the wifi module in the computer.

This sounds very dramatic but this is 2021, and this stuff has happened before..

MikeJMS8910 (106)

hello, I would like to help you. I never made a bot before but I do know python