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HELP! I see myself in my code!
BitMimic (4)

So I was coding on my Chromebook using and you know how when you have multiple people on a repl you can see what they are highlighting? Well after my repl not loading and reloading the tab I saw myself highlight a few lines of code. It was still there even after rebooting my Chromebook. I checked all of my devices and I don't have any other device that has it opened. Please help!

Answered by SreyasSabbani (62) [earned 5 cycles]
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SreyasSabbani (62)

It is just a glitch, nothing happens. If you see yourself deleting code, then please report it is Replit. I saw a random person called "Replit" and he started deleting my code. I didn't invite. I didn't really needed that project for anything so I left it alone. If you see someone deleting some of your precious code, please report it to Replit.

SreyasSabbani (62)

@BitMimic, if I answered your question, please mark my answer as "the answer"

BitMimic (4)

Well, it wasn't named Replit, it was just me. But it ended up going away after a while. Sorry for wasting your time. @SreyasSabbani

HackermonDev (2074)

@SreyasSabbani if you see a user called Replit deleting or adding code that means your program is deleting or adding the code.

CODER34352 (4)

No it isn't a glitch @BitMimic when ever you see the we had a problem, "do you want the server to pick changes or you." If you pick server then a person called replit does changes for you. IDK this is most reasonable answer i could come with hope it helps :)