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Google Docs book

I just asked myself "Is it possible to code and write a book in code?" Let me know what you think? If so, how do I do it?


Thanks a lot for the explanation. This is quite convenient, as it will allow you to read more books on the web and do it on a large scale. I read a lot of e-books on the topic of globalization and how globalization affects our world. On the site I found some pretty interesting articles about globalization. One of the most interesting articles I have read dealt with the impact of globalization on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


If you are trying to write a google document through a program like python it is possible to set something up to log into google and load google docs. Then you could have it type a string from the program or the user.
If you are talking about printing a book to the screen using print(""), then that would work in pretty much any language.
Might want to be a bit more clear.


Hey there,
I'm not entirely sure what the question is asking, but I will try my best answering the question. If you are asking how to write a book, which language are you willing to code in? If python, then use multiple print statements to accomplish the task.

This probably isn't helpful, but could you just clarify a bit more?
Thanks :)