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Google DNS Verification?
YeetsaJr (20)

Hi, I recently forked a repo from GitHub, and google chrome (with all its wisdom) marked my page as, "Deceptive" and, "Possible Psihing." Now from the research I did about how to resolve this issue, it looks like I need to paste some text into the DNS configuration. Please help as Idk how to do that on! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Answered by RoBlockHead (425) [earned 5 cycles]
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RoBlockHead (425)

You simply can't, as replit doesn't provide access to DNS records. It might be an issue with chrome, but you might be able to verify using a file, as that's something that google does to confirm editing access.

YeetsaJr (20)

@RoBlockHead Thank you, now I'm waiting for google to respond. lmao

tussiez (1515)

@YeetsaJr This happened to my website a couple of times, since it said "unblocker" on it. They usually unblock (haha) the website pretty quickly after responding.