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Getting error for line that doesn't exist
piguyisme (5)

I'm working on a sort of reddit clone, and I can share the whole code, but it has account info so I can't share the whole project. However, for some reason it's giving me an error for a line that doesn't even exist. Here is the error code:

function getFileData

SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

I was using a function to update json files but then deleted it, but it's saying it's still there. How can I get rid of this?

mwilki7 (1136)

have you tried copy pasting your code into an editor?
visual studio sometimes gets rid of weird endline characters for me

abc3354 (225)

Hello !
You should check the file index.js and be sure there's nothing at this line.
I cannot help you more than that without the file sorry :(

Note that you can use a .env file to store the accounts or the tokens !

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piguyisme (5)

@abc3354 I forked it to remove account info and the code I deleted came back when I forked it. It must be still stored there but i can't interact with it, so its a problem with

abc3354 (225)

@piguyisme Maybe the file wasn't saved when you forked it
What do you mean by "i can't interact with it" ?

piguyisme (5)

@abc3354 I think the line of code is there, but repl isn't showing it to me and only executng it. When I forked it it might have done some reload thing that allowed me to see it in the forked project.

abc3354 (225)

@piguyisme You can try to report it on replit bugs but without a repl it will be difficult to find the bug

Did the fork work ?