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Get ffmpeg to work with python
theohalpern (27)

I want to use ffmepg to compress a file, and I have attached a demo of ffmepg rotating a file.

I tried this from here:

If you forked our template it should work. If you're starting from scratch make sure to

open shell and npm install ffmpeg-static
create a .replit file and in it put the following:
export PATH="$PWD/node_modules/ffmpeg-static:$PATH"

but I still get the save error.
I need to find a way to use the npm installed ffmpeg in my python.

JBloves27 (1883)

I think the module does not have such a function, or the module currently has a bug in it.

Hope this helps!

VulcanWM (2758)

to me, it looks like the error means that the module u inported doesnt have the function input

VulcanWM (2758)

it doesn't show me any error

theohalpern (27)

oops, I changed the file, should be back now [email protected]