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Hey everybody,
What is A language I should use to make games?
also, what's a game I can make that is great for beginners?


you can make games in several languages. i belive Python is very good, because of its simplicity and small syntax. JS is widely used in the web, and C++ and C are also very good.

here are some beginner idea games:

  • mad libs
  • text adventure game (choice making game)
  • biography maker
  • clicker game (mostly for HTML CSS JS
  • calculator
  • timer

hope this helps! =)


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Hello, nobody will be able to give you a completely unbiased answer (due to user preference), so here is my biased answer.

You should use C# to build Unity games (Unity is built on top of C#) and Node.js to build anything else (They have nice documentation and contains a lot of packages). Python is the best for beginners by many people, but personally I think C# is the best because it gives you a good habit of writing clean code. It is also very similar to other languages, and it's static so it's easier to debug.

Hope this helps!