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CubeScope is a Replit Team which loves to create games! Now, CubeScope is presenting the 3rd version of Inferno Arena...

The Infernal Dungeons

Inferno Arena was first released in March 2021. It was first coded by @TheCodeMaster70 in Python. Then @SreyasSabbani, said that Java Edition of this will be released in May 2021. Inferno Arena slowly was turning toward its C++ Edition. @SreyasSabbani asked @CODER34352 if he can create a C++ Version. He said he had other work but he will help. So, @SreyasSabbani, with the help of @Codeverse and @CODER34352, started Infernal Dungeons.

The Question

So, right now, I need help with the storyline and some of the code so I am asking for help... Does anyone want to get invited to CubeScope or The Infernal Dungeons Repl to help me?


I would say change the if functions to switch. It makes it much easier to track the screen transitions!!


@CODER34352, umm... I really don't know much of C++ and you're already invited so can you do it???....


@SreyasSabbani Just a tip, you forgot to break after each case in the switch.

Also, ScreenTransition would be much better as an enum class.


@xxpertHacker, if I added break after each case in the switch then ScreenTransition wouldn't change. If I wanted the screen to change I could do system("reset");

About the enum class, I don't know much so I will learn about it soon...


@SreyasSabbani You could put the break after the assignment:

Would that work for you?


@xxpertHacker, I told him that but he said it wouldn't work or something so ya.