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GUI with draw functions in c++
MatthewWesolows (20)

Is there any way to get draw functions and a GUI in a nice little lightweight library (for c++)? I tried getting graphics.h using the shell, but replit is not cooperating. SFML is an option, but its a bit bloated for what I need, and I'm afraid that it'll eat up the 500 mb of ram im limited to. Yeah sure, if I wanted a simple little app I could go with SFML, but I'm planning on doing psuedo 3D rendering with this which means I'm gonna need as much ram as I can get.

Thanks in advance!

MatthewWesolows (20)

@Coder100 Does that work with replit?

MatthewWesolows (20)

@Coder100 Oh wait nevermind, thats an entire API. I meant a lightweight library with functions such as drawline(point p1, point p2) and such.