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GUI Library Survey
MatthewWesolows (35)


If you have used a GUI library for any language in the past or are currently using one, please take a little time to complete a survey in the comments :)!

  • What features from the library did you enjoy?
  • What features from the library did you dislike?
  • What would you say the most important thing is about a GUI library?
InvisibleOne (3228)

Well... I've used Python Turtle.

  1. Lots of documentation and it was really easy to use. I liked how the output looked and the cool patterns I could make.
  2. Nothing really, I haven't used it extensively enough to find stuff I dislike.
  3. The most important thing is how simple it is, and how it's a great library to teach people about python in a fun way which they can experiment with without much knowledge of python syntax.