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Function not working on laptops (Kaboom)

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Hello. I needed help with a game me and a team are writing.

I am programming in a function to have the player shoot from their gun when clicking the mouse, but I've ran into a problem. When the player is running (A or D) or jumping (space) the bullet does not appear.

What is even stranger is the fact that this only occurs on laptops. I have talked to a friend and they said that it only happens when they use a laptop, but they use it on their more desktop and it works fine. I was wondering if there is a specific problem I am not seeing and would love if you could help me find it.

A theory is that the trackpad has an input that does not work properly with kaboom, but I would like to find a solution anyways.

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I'm on a laptop and it works fine. You're going to need a different qualifier.

I'm on Windows 10 running Chrome without any errors in the console.