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Freenom domain
isaiah08 (87)

I am trying to connect a repl to a domain that i have rented on Freenom, but all the tutorials are old and are not working for me. How do i do it?

Coder100 (18915)

Make sure your domain is on www,
so in your CNAME, have:

name:        CNAME:
www          <dns>

And then, for your domain you enter in (on


Replace <domain> with your actual domain.

Why do we have to use www? Freenom is bad

Bookie0 (6390)


to use a domain, I think you have to click this pencil button:

then enter the domain name.

next add a cname record

and click next.

you'll get this message:

check this tutorial here for more help! ;)

Good luck! ;)

isaiah08 (87)

I tried that, but freenom gives me an error. @Bookie0

Bookie0 (6390)

hum, did you try the exact steps of the tutorial I put? @isaiah08

Bookie0 (6390)

or maybe this is your problem?

check the answer mat1 gave, it could help... ;) @isaiah08

Xanilan (0)

@Bookie0 Where can I find the CNAME?

Bookie0 (6390)

@Xanilan Hmm not very sure, maybe the site where you bought the domain from lists the CNAME, when you purchase it? Also check out the tutorials in the messages further up! :)

Good luck! :D