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For some some reason this program is not working can someone help?
tyagir2392 (4)

So this is suppose to be a grading app, that has you put the number of questions in the first input, how many questions a student got wrong on the second, and the name of the student in the third, and then it takes you to a page where it tells you the weight of each question and the grade of the student, and bellow that using a repr function to return the data from the database, so that the user does not need to write anything down, the graph will already be saved and provided, but Sqlalchemy is giving me a operational error, can somebody help?

tyagir2392 (4)

nevermind I fixed it, it works fine now

johnnyfrancis (24)

Oh GOD I have never used Sqlalchemy but I know you need help!UPVOTE!