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Chromebook won't finish connecting, Run Button forever says Loading...


Other types of Repl projects work just fine on my Chromebook. Also, HTML5 projects work fine for me on my personal devices. But HTML5 and my Chromebook never alows me to run the HTML pages ( run, I just mean a clickable "Run" button that re-renders the preview of the page).

I am running on school issued hardware that is pretty tightly restricted, which is likely the problem.

None-the-less, I am hoping for help debugging.

1 year ago
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The devices are mostly the same, I believe there are 3ish different flavors of Chromebook that the district is providing. I believe the Lenovo Flex3 is the most common. ...yup, the school controls it all.

My hope is that there is a specific port number the the HTML5 flavor of Repls needs that, if I knew that port number, could ask the district IT to unblock or move out of.
...a lot of if... if... ifs.... I know.

1 year ago