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Failed to connect, retrying
Leeyongil (33)

"Failed to connect, retrying"
this sentance repete consistantly

ChrisArangoDB (14)

I am also getting this with all my repl's


Imagine if this was the result of a DDoS attack, that would be terrible. :(

qualladoom (372)

Hey everyone, we're experiencing some infrastructure difficulties. Specifically around loading repls. You might still be able to load your repl.

Earlier this morning we had a huge surge in traffic that caused a cascade of issues we're trying to debug. We're unsure if the traffic surge is legit or caused by a DDoS. Please bear with us.


Melora1337 (1)

Same thing here, none of my repls are loading

Coder100 (18906)

Yes! This is a bug with and the bug report can be found here.

eekboi (285)

@Coder100 thought t was a problem with my schools wifi. Lol

VivaanSa (30)

Open in Another browser. Microsoft Edge Seems to work well. if this helped you then please consider choosing this as your answer! Happy Coding and a great day ahead!

FlaminHotValdez (715)

that's just your wifi.


Lol I have this thing showing up while looking at this post. I thought it was my school's wifi as well


their are a lot of these posts on trending

mwilki7 (1134)

coronavirus is now infecting the servers it seems

eekboi (285)

@mwilki7 lmao it does seem so, also mighty fine cycle count you got there.

a5rocks (834) (there's others, just go to the bug board and sort by new)