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XCode101 (39)

Hi Everybody!

I am wondering how to make collisions work on this game. they don't work yet. This game is supposed to be a parkour game to find a prize

Thanks In Advance!

btfuss (177)

Use kaboom.js with replit and use sprites to detect other sprites. Or code on scratch and export using scratch to js converters.

ch1ck3n (2088)

@btfuss if i could downdoot i would downdoot this answer.

  1. kaboom.js doesn't support 3d
  2. scratch sucks and it isn't real coding. using a converter also is bad.
btfuss (177)

@ch1ck3n Thanks for the knowledge!

the person who made the converter: :C

ch1ck3n (2088)

@btfuss i mean the converter is good! it works