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[FIXED] Issue with Repl Favicons
codingmasters (0)


Recently I have noticed Replit has an issue with favicons. You see, in this Repl, I have included a link tag that has a href of the file "favicon.ico".

As you can see, the Replit version, (on the left) has the default favicon. However, when I use VS Code (the one on the 3rd one at the right using exactly the same code) I get the favicon.

Has this been a wide known issue?

Answered by ruiwenge2 (1844) [earned 5 cycles]
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codingmasters (0)

@ruiwenge2 Hm. Thats odd. I did open it in a new tab. But using the link you sent its fixed now.

Coder100 (19280)
  1. the embedded output is in a favicon so it won't change the replit favicon (open it in a new tab)

  2. images might not save, so try renaming a file and renaming it back.

  3. your site might have cached the website, so press ctrl + shift + r to refresh and load the new favicon.

CosmicBear (95)

THe "Replit one" isn't actually your website. It's Like what @ruiwenge2 said, you have to open the website in a new tab or else you are still on, not