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[FIXED] ALL my repls are considered DANGEROUS
Th3Coder (94)

Note: This problem is now fixed. Thanks!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to edit my code (A Quiz which you can see in my profile) but then...

My repl is considered dangerous.

I want to say that my quiz looks like this:

and when you click the play button:

The repl was incomplete so I wanted to edit it.

However, I also get prompted that ALL MY REPLS ARE DANGEROUS! Why is that?


Or is this because Google flagged them as phishing?

I realy need your reply since I don't want my codes to be deleted...


Baconman321 (1061)

Because repl can host websites, there are bound to be malicious websites on

Look up (it captures subdomains, too). You will notice that it says 1 infection (probably someone had a "malicious" script or a script that looked malicious).

Also note that while antivirus/malware detection scripts aren't perfect and sometimes can flag legit content.

Also, notice on the first picture you posted the URL.

Repl uses "id urls" (aside from which don't look "normal", so chrome might think it is bad.

Either way, it seems to be fixed so eh.

Th3Coder (94)

@Baconman321 ooh... okay, thanks for your answer! :)

AloegelhiPlaysR (109)

Hey! I believe this was just a repl issue.