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Exporting From Repl
gshah2020 (1)

I feel like exporting to google drive or dropbox and/or being able to load from a cloud drive would significantly inhance my repl experience. Possibly using the services to sync repls to local machines offline?

Anyone know of any tools that facilitate this?

animatedcreativ (0)

This seems like an old thread.

But, to give an idea to help someone, this is what I did.
I installed rclone on my remote server and mounted Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Now I can easily rsync from repl to remote server's folder which will in turn sync back to Dropbox or Google Drive.

gshah2020 (1)

@animatedcreativ Three years later, but i'm glad to see someone's found a working solution!

AlephZero (348)

I'm not aware of any tool that could do this, but the team is working on adding github integration if that helps.

Anyway, this sounds like a great idea, so please share it on !

gshah2020 (1)

@AlephZero thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Github integration would definitely go a long way for this purpose! Any idea on the expected timeline?

AlephZero (348)

@gshah2020 Unfortunately I don't know the timeline, but I guess the team should post updates on
Sorry for the delay btw, I wasn't notified of your reply.