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Executing bash script in an html/jquery repls
JulienBensliman (2)

is it possible to try to execute a bash script in a html project in this site ?

Yamboy1 (38)

That's not really how html is meant to work. What kind of bash script were you trying to run, I'm intrigued now

JulienBensliman (2)

@Yamboy1 its because i use repl for testing my script that i make for my work^^
now im working on a jquerry script that will request the execution of a bash script, that why i ask if i create a bash repl and then an html repl here, can i request the execution of the script bash repls ^^

Yamboy1 (38)

@JulienBensliman It is possible if you were to setup a webserver such as express. I'll send an example of this when I get a chance.

JulienBensliman (2)

i mean in ^^