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Every time I fork a project, it stops working immediately. Has this happened to anyone else?
YacsMediaArts (3)

I tried it with a different account and had the same problem. Here's the link to the project.

Anybody know what's going on?

JoyalMathew (7)

It seems that after the repl is forked it doesn't work in the embedded window but does work if you try to open it in a new tab.

ComposerShield (0)

@JoyalMathew Oh and now if I refresh it, it works in the embedded window. I swear I tried refreshing before. Oh well. Thanks!

pyelias (2617)

That repl works fine for me. Did you run it?

ComposerShield (0)

@pyelias yeah it works fine. But when I fork it to make a new copy, the copy doesn't work :/ (I'm still OP, just a different account.)