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Ethical Hacking

Hi I wanted to know where I can learn

Ethical hacking.

The reason I wrote ethical hacking in big letters is that because some people might not read it or might misread it and then say hacking is not good.

Are there any sites or tutorials for ethical hacking


I think ",need%20to%20have%20internet%20connection%20at%20your%20place." might work. I also have been looking for ethical hacking training. most are certifications/degrees, so I prefer you go to youtube. I'm doing the same thing.
Also search this up on youtube: "How to Become an Ethical Hacker? | Ethical Hacking Career | Ethical Hacker Salary | Edureka". I'm training with it. You should also first learn the basics of cybersecurity, and once you master them, then move on to ethical hacking/white hat hacking. If your python's good(which I think it is) then you passed one of the harder/longer parts. You should know AT LEAST 1 scripting/programming language, preferably python. I'm interested in ethical hacking too, and the best way is to conduct your own research, write down notes, and study according to a plan from your research.

Hope It Helps!

~ @Carnage498


start by learning how to hack as a black hat, then you can use that power to be good hacker


@ch1ck3n 😂😂, Are there any sites for that