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Error: your program is already running, please stop it first

I have a multiplayer repl created by a user with the hacker plan. I have a free account. At about 9:50, the repl stopped working. When I attempt to access the website it goes to the "Unable to reach your repl" page. When I try to run the repl it says "your program is already running, please stop it first." When I click the stop button, it appears to stop but when I try to run it again I get the same error. How can I fix this problem?

Thank you for everyone's answers but is there any way I could prevent this problem in the future?

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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There's a few things you can try. Try hitting Ctrl+C in the console window to force-stop any processes that may be going on. If that doesn't work, try forking the Repl to see if putting it on a new instance will work.


Hi! There are 3 ways to do it.

My way

Hit Ctrl+\, it stops the repl and terminates the batch job. Then just press the run button again. I use it a lot and it works for me.


Hit Ctrl+C to cancel, thereby stopping the repl.


Forking almost always solves every problem, but you can also report to bugs


@lilpeen Hi,
Normally, To stop a running Repl press Ctrl + C
But in your case, I think that it will not work.

So, Try by forking your running Repl and again posting it in the Team.
Hope that makes some sound.

If you don't know how to fork then please comment me below.

With my best wishes
Hope this helps
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