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Error "failed to connect, retrying"
Brammy2904 (0)

I get this message all the time.
I've already turned off my WiFi.
Browser reopened again.
Please help me because I think I lost my code.

Coder100 (18917)

Have you tried forking your repl?
Have you tried re making the repl in bash?

Brammy2904 (0)

@Coder100 same problem in the fork version

Coder100 (18917)

have you tried clicking the get help button? @Brammy2904

Brammy2904 (0)

@Coder100 my other replits works for me
only this replit and the fork of this dont work

Brammy2904 (0)

i report it but they dont answer, i hope i dont lose this cuz i worked a lot for it

RayhanADev (2611)

It seems like Replit's proxy think's it found something naughty in your Repl and decided to block it :/. Maybe email [email protected] and see if they can do anything?