Syntax for arrays?
DynamicSquid (5070)

I'm a little confuzzled on what my syntax for my language should be. Mainly when it comes to arrays.

I don't know if I want predefined functions, or built in syntax. Like this:

The built in syntax definitely looks shorter, but it doesn't really look clean when you're working with an r-value array:

I personally prefer the built in functions for r-value arrays, but the built in syntax for variables.

So which one should I chose? I can't do both

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fuzzyastrocat (1896)

Entirely depends on your language paradigm. If it's OO in some capacity then builtin functions is the way to go. If it's not, then the custom syntax might be a better option. However, even if your language isn't OO you could also make it so that x.y(<params>) is sugar for y(x, <params>).

You could also go haskell-style and make it so that custom syntax is basically just defining another function. I really like approaches like this since custom syntax is so arbitrary and not extendable.