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Embedding onto website without displaying code
YuvMalik (17)

Hi there, I was just wondering whether it was possible to embed a Repl onto a website or anywhere without displaying the code but, only the end result ?

MusfiqDehan (2)

Hello brothers,

Why there is no such link in my repl?
Is stop providing link for python?

bumidev (3)

add parameter lite=1&outputonly=1

JackTheApple (1)

@bumidev This was SUPER helpful thanks a bunch!

BlaiseKern (2)

@JackTheApple Where do I add that? sorry?

JackTheApple (1)

@BlaiseKern You go to share, then there is a copy embed code button at the bottom of that menu. Click that button to copy it, then paste it into a text editor or something of the sort so that you can edit it. The code will have say iframe and then it will say height and width. Ignore that part of the tag. After that, it will say src= and have your username and the name of your project. At the end of that there will be this line: ?lite="true". Replace that with ?lite=1&outputonly=1(the code above.) pasting this into a website that makes websites(like wix or google sites), or into an HTML project will make you python project run in there. :)

razorshnegax (9)

RIP man. I can tell you spent so much time on this cool game, and yet there's still an error in your code. As for your question, use the Iframe to embed the REPL.RUN version of your repl. You can access the from the top corner of your repl.

top right corner? See that arrow?

11/24/20 EDIT: is gone now, not sure how you're gonna do this

AMR001 (3)

In the URL you replace lite=true with lite=true&outputonly=true

Santis2007 (0)

@AMR001 thanks for the help but is their a way to make it not start immediatly

AMR001 (3)

@Santis2007 You could replace the URL with the open in a new page URL for the code

Geocube101 (627)

Next to the URL (in the console's top bar) is a square with a diagonal arrow. Clicking it will open a new tab with ONLY the console output of your repl

AMR001 (3)

@Geocube101 I think they meant embedding via HTML

Geocube101 (627)

@AMR001 Ok thanks
Well you might be able to use the output window url to place inside an <iframe> element but I haven't tried it