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Embedding Replit on Discourse is no longer working ?
Guillaume57 (0)


I've read in a few topics that it is possible to post a replit link in a Discourse forum topic and it should show a box with the code and a "Run" button.

Like here:

But I have tried on a few different Discourse forums (like the new Arduino forum, for example) and it doesn't work, it just show a box with a link to the replit, no "Run" button.

Is there something that must be enabled on those Discourse forums for Replit runnable box to work ?

Or this feature was disabled for some reason ?


Coder100 (18123)

works great for me

perhaps they made a breaking change that they soon fixed.

Guillaume57 (0)

@Coder100 It works in his post, but for example if I post link , all I see is this :