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AaronZhang314 (17)

Is it possible to display the code and output side by side as opposed to one above the other?

fmaida (1)

I agree. When I embed a widget, side-by-side is really a better layout IMHO.

AaronZhang314 (17)

Also, what is the scrolling = "no" for in the iframe tag?

AaronZhang314 (17)

I thought that it was so that you couldn't scroll in the iframe but I still can

jedediyah (0)

It would be extremely useful to have columns as an option instead of rows.

AaronZhang314 (17)

Is there a way to prevent the code from being edited(saved in the actual file), i just found out that you could

swaffield (1)

@AaronZhang314 I, too, would like a solution to this.

AaronZhang314 (17)

@swaffield I don't know if you knew this but it forks a new repl if you are not the owner (for example if you try editing on incognito)

timmy_i_chen (1155)

Mind if I ask why you want to put them side by side?

AaronZhang314 (17)

@timmy_i_chen Oh it is just a formatting preference :p

timmy_i_chen (1155)

For embeds, this is currently not possible, sorry :(

JeffBailey (1)

@timmy_i_chen Are there any plans to allow this?

Where are the docs for ALL embed configuration options?

AaronZhang314 (17)

Can anyone give me a hint on how to edit the iframe using css to accomplish this (if that's how you're supposed to do it) cuz I'm pretty new to this stuff