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StingChameleon (2)

Can Elasticsearch be used on The Flask Mega Tutorial suggests that Elasticsearch has to be installed on your machine and that the Elasticsearch python library connects to the service running on your machine, so I'm unsure of how to enable this functionality on and google searches aren't helping.

To be specific, I'm not asking for help with the Elasticsearch python library, I'm asking about installing an Elasticsearch node on, which is a separate process.

Any advice?

StingChameleon (2)

I'm not seeing anything about hosting an Elasticsearch node on The docs mention cloud services that I could use, but I'm trying to figure out if I can host one on @Coder100

Coder100 (18187)

yeah, just put the code in! @StingChameleon

StingChameleon (2)

You'll have to be more specific. I don't see any code that addresses my issue. This is not something that can be done with the Elasticsearch python library. @Coder100

OldWizard209 (1537)

@Coder100 means the code in the docs @StingChameleon

Just use this in the shell:
pip install elasticsearch

StingChameleon (2)

I'm not having problems installing the python library. The library has an external dependency and is useless on its own. I need to know if supports the external dependency.

There's the Elasticsearch library and the Elasticsearch server. I know how to install the library. I'm asking if it's possible to install the server.
Pip install elasticsearch is not the solution to this problem.. @OldWizard209

StingChameleon (2)

I've successfully installed it via pip. Like I said, the library doesn't work without the server. Without the server, it fails connections every time because the server is a required component and is not installable via pip because it's not a python library.

Elasticsearch's python library connects to the Elasticsearch server API. Without the server running, the library can't do anything. I need the server, not the library @Coder100

StingChameleon (2)

I'm just going to ask this: have you ever used Elasticsearch on Because it doesn't seem like you understand what I'm asking here.

Here's a visual explanation of the problem:
You can see that I pip installed elasticsearch. You can see that I imported it and created an object without error. However, once I try to use that object, it fails with a connection error. The connection is being refused because the Elasticsearch server is not running.