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Improve vim emulation so that "ESC" actually works


Right now, there is a vim "mode" in the editor, which is great and all, but the single thing I would expect to work (pressing "ESC" to get out of Insert).... doesn't work. It seems to bubble up to the browser itself, which responds with the regular response when you're in an arbitrary text field in a browser page; it takes the cursor completely out of the editor (meaning your subsequent keystrokes are lost) instead of changing you to "NORMAL" mode.

Can this be fixed so that we can have at least semi-reliable vim emulation in the editor? Otherwise it's going to be difficult for me to use this for its intended purpose (i.e. actually coding in the browser). I don't really want to do any kind of text editing without vim keybindings if I can help it :)

3 years ago
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