Can't copy (ctrl + c) in the console for python

I can't copy stuff in the console!!! I made an encryptor to keep things secret on hangouts at school. What's the use of it if I can't copy the encrypted message???

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EDIT: This seems to be an issue on my Chrome (Version 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)). In Opera (Version 80.0.4170.63), I can see the "Copy" in the dropdown.

Original post:
When I right-click the results in the console and try to find "copy" in the dropdown to copy my text results, I can only see "copy image" as an option. Did something change?

Screenshot of right-click in console:

When I copy the image and save it in paint, I get the black console screen as a screenshot:

It's fine in Opera.