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Duplicate Posts (Possible Bug?)
MatthewDoan1 (333)


Ok so a lot of people have this bug so I've filed a bug report here. Thanks everyone who replied!

Original Post

Hello everybody

Okay so I might have found a bug, if I see that more than one person has seen this bug then I'll submit a bug report. Here's the bug:

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of Repl Talk and clicked the Load More Results button, and you see duplicate results? Usually, when I click that button, I'm shown more, but sometimes it doesn't work. When I click the Load More Results, some of the same results show up again. Here's a screenshot:

(Orange lines drawn by me to show duplicates)


  • Matthew
AdCharity (1326)

ye it gets worse with poor wifi connection (especially if you're the one who makes the post and spams the post button)

MatthewDoan1 (333)

Thanks for your feedback, y'all; I've posted the bug here. Upvote it so the team finds out quicker!