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Download As Zip does not download all files.
PatrickTong1 (0)


I've seen some others post similar questions to this but there doesn't seem to be much of an answer. I have a piece of code that generates some HTML files into the folder. When I select to download everything as a zip, the zip file doesn't contain anything else but the one file in the folder. In fact, I tested it additionally and it only downloads the files I manually created but none of the auto-generated html files created by the code.

Any solution to this so I can obtain all the files?

19wintersp (1121)

Yes, this seems to be a recurring issue; files generated by programs (not generated manually in the IDE) do not appear to work on download. If they are plain text files, open them in the IDE and modify them in some way (such as putting a space at the end if possible), or set up a web server to download them.

Coder100 (16804)

rename the files to something else and rename it back. <-- report it