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Domain removal
invisibot (0)

Hey peeps, I was wondering about my custom domain. I had a repl assigned to a custom domain, and then I removed it and deleted the repl. However, my custom domain is still linked to my old, deleted repl. All CNAME records pointing to the old repl are deleted since I didn't need them anymore.

Does anyone have advice or help? :( I feel like I tried everything...

Answered by Coder100 (17020) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (17020)

[email protected]
web repls persist even after they are deleted, try contact them to take it down.

invisibot (0)

1: Your work on Repl is awesome, I am actually using your 404 Repl as my main project; I deleted the HTML Repl to make the Node.js Repl.

2: I figured that I'd have to contact them, but I wanted to ask the community first, y'know? Work my way up the list to get a good answer.


Coder100 (17020)
  1. thanks!! glad I could help!
  2. yeah true


SixBeeps (5062)

Have you tried clearing the cache? It's possible that your browser is still associating that URL with that Repl for some reason?

invisibot (0)

@SixBeeps I've cleared cache from everywhere, including my browser and my DNS provider (Cloudflare). I've deleted the CNAME record and made a new one, I've purged cache from Cloudflare, but still to no avail.

It gives the "Run The Repl page" when I visit it: