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Domain linking

I recently got a free domain from some dodgey site. I've added my CNAME record, etc. It says the domain is configured correctly, as shown below.

My problem is that when I click "link domain" it changes to "domain linking" for about a minute or so and then goes back to "link domain" without actually changing anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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are you sure you did it correctly? Freenom should say an error like dns records should have a name set

Try the instead, so the www will be your dns record instead, and your website at the www subdomain.


@Coder100 I'm using cloudfare's nameservers and the CNAME record is definitely set with proxy turned off.


have you not tried www @Tyler2P


@Coder100 Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work, I've tried multiple sub-domains and even waiting 24 hours for the CNAME record to go through. Nothing. I'll reconsider purchasing a legit domain later in time, when my project is in better shape. Thanks for your help.


have you tried reporting to bugs?
Also mark as correct answer? @Tyler2P


freenom number 1 dodgy