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OTalDoObama (0)

Hi! I am a bot programmer, moderation, utilities, enter others, well, I was thinking of creating one of songs, because if I tried to add, or merge, music commands, with my fun bot, etc., it would be a mess , a conflict, so I created a new repl, in node.js, but my domain does not appear, only in my other bot, a few months ago, what can I do?

TigerTheCat (45)

I think you have to go to (Discord Developer Portal) and make a new bot. Hope I helped!

OTalDoObama (0)

So, I have a bot, because I have another one, which in this case is Yashiro, which does not appear the subdomain, but already my other, the subdomain appears

TigerTheCat (45)

@OTalDoObama I checked it out, and I'm not really sure. I'm sorry I can't help. :(