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Does replit support jsconfig.json?
TalinSharma (77)

Yeah... Does it?

And if it doesn't, is there a way that I can stop it from installing packages everytime I run?

This is my problem:

I am using next.js and using it's webpack config option so instead of typing components/Nav, I can just do @/Nav. But replit doesn't support this and so it tries to install @/Nav...

Is there a way to using jsconfig.json? Or stop this packaging?

I know about packager.ignoredPackages, but I cannot use wildcards in it or in packager.ignoredPaths...


Coder100 (18109)
  1. nope
  2. maybe you could just type it out, that's just a dumb thing of replit.

To turn off the autoinstall altogether, try using the bash language.

TalinSharma (77)

How would I stop the installation then? (While using bash?)