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Does anyone want to help make a programming language?
SpoonyTheGreat (6)

Hello, I'm willing to collab with people to make a programming language. Please make an indication of your interest in the comments below

Woolbex (0)

i want to help you

Bonhomme222 (0)

@SpoonyTheGreat I'm not the best in Python but maybe I could help you. Invite me in your team if you want!

codingjlu (492)

Indication of my interest here ya go!

SpoonyTheGreat (6)

@codingjlu I'll invite you to the team

Coder100 (19272)

well i'm always looking for someone to test/idea make/review and help make my language!

Currently working on this edition:
but soon it will be made in ruby.

ghorrocks217 (0)

Sure what language do you want to use