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Does anyone need help with Minecraft Papermc plugins on

There are some tutorials on how to do it, but if you are just starting out with Java like I was and wanted to make papermc plugins. There is a helpful tutorial but you might find it very hard to tweak.

If this gets at least two upvote I'll write a guide to Java, and papermc plugins.


@ch1ck3n I'll post the link to the website it will be on.

Look There for the link in 3-7 days


Coder100 (18109)

I mean if you want to make a tutorial make a tutorial nobody is saying they don't want to see it

DynamicSquid (4899)

@Coder100 This question isn't begging for upvotes, so I think it's fine.

@TestOP I would just recommend making a tutorial like what Coder said. You don't really need to ask people. You never know who might find your tutorial useful in the future :)


@DynamicSquid I was struggling on how to do this and wonder if anybody needed help now that I know