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Does anyone need a website? I'll make it for free to get experience.
xfinnbar (149)

Hi, I'm a fairly advanced web developer who specializes in Svelte.js and CSS. I am offering to make a website for free, because I have nothing better to do and if it gets big it'll look sick on my resume.

Tech stack:

  • Svelte (it will be really damn fast)
  • Routify
  • Flask, if the website requires a back-end
  • Client-rendered


  • I may not work very fast
  • I will not devote the rest of my days to your website
  • I will loosely follow Material Design guidelines, apart from maybe the depth and rounding
  • Back-end can't be too complex

Interested? Shoot me a DM on discord, I'm in the official replit server: bulb#0999

EzraHidaya (0)

I want to add two sub-pages to my site instant assignment help uae, but if you haven't experienced then how could you do this? I also take these pages asap.

Coder100 (18903)

material design

codingjlu (481)

Well, it doesn't seem you add a lot of CSS to your sites...

xfinnbar (149)

@codingjlu what site did you check? A lot of my sites are pretty lower-effort on the frontend. Some of the best CSS I've done is on, and maybe

codingjlu (481)

@xfinnbar ooh, those are impressive!

codingjlu (481)

Hmm... what are some of yuor best projects?

Secretly wanting @xfinnbar to make something just to see him make it and test his skills although I'm probably much better than them no offence xD

taylorreade1 (1)

I'm interested but don't have discord