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Does anyone know how to get the link for your bot (not share)
kerekegaming (2)

I want to get the link of my repl bot but i dont know how

techde (141)

Well, repl no longer supports console run links, so u will have to just use the link of your page, sorry!

mindgames (0)

Is it back yet? Or is there a way to do it?

Coder100 (18925)

The link of your repl bot is right here

unless you want to get the link to ping it?
If so, open up an HTTP port, and then use the newly created link.



Can't do that. It's out for now. Maybe it will come back soon. but for now it's no there

OlauPla (161)


Sorry to inform you but it is not available right now, but here is a workaround that maybe can be useful for you