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Do you know how to center an icon in HTML?
SamanthaBrown4 (1)

Hey, I hope this finds you well. I've spent over 30 minutes trying to find this answer and even posted the question in 3 Slack channels almost 30 minutes ago but to no avail. Please help ! I was only taught the basics in my Technical Project Management course but I want my portfolio to be as customized as possible.

OldWizard209 (1617)

you can do that by:

.selector-here {
    text-align = center
OldWizard209 (1617)

np, mark the answer as correct if it helped? @SamanthaBrown4

SamanthaBrown4 (1)

Sorry, I just saw this, how do I mark [email protected]

SixBeeps (5334)

Hello Samantha o/

Are you trying to center the image on your Resume?

SamanthaBrown4 (1)

No the LinkedIn icon, someone replied in 1 of the Slack channels and checked the website since my work computer limits my access so I might have the solution, thank you. I will confirm once I reach my laptop @SixBeeps

DynamicSquid (5023)

I've moved this post to Ask.