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Do the posts you upvoted show up somewhere?
WilliamXing (43)

I upvoted a post, where does it show up?

Coder100 (16915)

nope. Your upvotes only give the other people cycles. That's the only purpose of them. Bookmark posts if you want to save them.

Coder100 (16915)

ctrl + d or the star button


Bookie0 (5965)

No they don't, you'll have to but you could go your profile, go to your comments, and then check the posts where you commented. Those posts are most likely upvoted (according to my past experience, not 100% true though).

If you wish to see this feature implemented, suggest it in feedback here.

But I don't think they'll be a very useful idea because why would you need it? :)


no. There is no place, where you can view them.

FlaminHotValdez (437)

Upvoting posts don't make sure they "stay" or anything, if you want to find a post you upvoted forever ago, you have to search for it.

FloCal35 (484)

In your history (nowhere for easy viewing)

FloCal35 (484)

I meant computer search history (Ctrl+h for most computers) @WilliamXing