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Do replit "cycles" do anything?
QuickV (72)

I've been wondering what you can do with the cycles that you earn, and why there are there in the first place. On some old posts, (like 2+ years ago), people are saying that "in the future" you will be able to "buy" things using cycles... Probably not (but just wanted to see lol).

Answered by SixBeeps (5321) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5321)

I really hoped 2+ years ago that the cycle store would have eventually opened, but it never happened. Issue being they were just too easy to farm, too unreliable to consider a currency per-se, and even a tad buggy.

Since Apps will replace Share, and Repl Talk will eventually be completely removed, the cycle store is 99.99% not happening.

Thus, the cycle counter is more or less an indicator for how much time you've put into interacting with the forum.

Highwayman (1498)


Carnage498 (44)

Yea agreed with @Coder100 they do nothing except show how many posts/help you've given

Coder100 (18813)

No, they don't, and they probably won't.
It is a running rumor (and it is only that, take it with a grain of salt) that cycles are eventually going to be removed.



@Coder100 dang when that happens, @Coder100 gonna be in hot water...


@QuickV :D all that grinding and time for nothing...

QuickV (72)

cycles aren't really to be grinded ;) @Aphmeta

QuantumCodes (24)

idk.. i myself got 5 cycles but i dont see where... (so i upvoted your post)

QuickV (72)

You get 5 cycles when someone marks your comment as the "answer" to their question, but I didn't mark your comment as the answer, so you either got the cycles from somewhere else, or maybe some kind of glitch happened. @QuantumCodes

QuantumCodes (24)

@QuickV i know that xD.... i git from somewhere else. Not here lol. I just cant see where it displays my cycles. Is it that 11 beside by name?