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Do file databases work on replit?

Through my experience on replit, I have noticed that file databases generally do NOT work and have not worked. Apparently, guest repls are kind of like forks of the original repl. But recently, I have seen MANY more repls with file databases which seem to function fine. This has gotten me SO confused, so my question is do file databases REALLY work on replit (sqlite3, json db, etc).

Answered by Highwayman [earned 5 cycles]
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it your file db being used in a server? sure, yes, that's still you're repl doing stuff to itself on your account. is it a client program using a db? no. that's not gonna work cause it'll save in a random place that isn't your real like you said.

I would be interesting to see an sql api made for repldb or something.


@Highwayman ohh ok thanks. Now I know that I can use sqlite and json databases for storing from now on thanks.