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ShreyaanshPuroh (0)

Hey, I am really a big fan of python and I really hear something called Django. What in the world is that?

ShreyaanshPuroh (0)

Ok, but do you need to know HTML, css, and javascript?

InvisibleOne (3263)

Basically, it's a framework that lets you make a server to serve HTML and javascript files (css too). To put it simply: it's a tool for making websites.

ShreyaanshPuroh (0)

@InvisibleOne Do you need to know HTML, css, and js?

InvisibleOne (3263)

Yes you do, but if you don't already know them, HTML and CSS area really easy to pick up, and Javascript isn't too hard either, it's a bit different then python because of the ; at the end of lines and brackets instead of : but it didn't take me long to figure out the basics. @ShreyaanshPuroh

xfinnbar (211)

Django is a thing called a HTTP(s) framework. It allows you to host HTML, CSS, JS files, make REST APIs and do more web-related things.