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Displaying scores

So I created that code here, but don't know how to make score appear on a turtle window


@DEMONul1234 Hi,
You can follow this awesome tutorial to find out how to make a perfect Pygame game.
Click here and you are done

You can fast-forward until your part of clarification is shown

Hope this helps
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@DEMONul1234 !!!! I literally just made a game with this concept here it is
In the code you will see a turtle named scorekeeper, that the one that does it (Also play the game because to me it is very fun, i would full screen the turtle window)
oh wait.. this is pygame idk


@Muffinlavania Yea, it is pygame. Figured doing it with turtle would be less...interesting


I would use:

If that doesn't work let me know, I don't really know much about python with turtle so I'm just making a guess on the fly.


@GoofyGus It does not work. Well 'title' is not an attribute for pygame, so nope... also int cannot be added to 'set_caption' which actually defines title.


Yeah sorry, I don't know much about pygame and stuff, maybe you need something like this?



also int cannot be added to 'set_caption' which actually defines title.

You should replace score with str(score)