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dacoconutnut (1)

Every now and then my bot spontaneously stops and I need to press run and then write in shell "pip install deep_translator". I think it all started when I started using deep_translator library. What to do? Probably write something inside the .replit or the reqirements.txt file?
I tried writing these things inside the requirements.txt file, did not help:
And probably, this could be helpful. Stopping to update package configuration probably would be a solution:

Coder100 (17018)

yeah, some libs are cached by replit, and others don't.

Obviously if its not cached it takes a long time to install. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it, but maybe try asking @allawesome497 for caching it?

dacoconutnut (1)

No I mean it can't be just imported, it NEEDS to be pip installed. So, when repl auto redownloads libraries it throws an error and stops. That's (in my understanding) what happens. So, I either need to auti pip install it or find a way not to pip install it @Coder100