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KeaganLandfried (39)

Hey all,
Was wondering if the reason this bot is being banned from the API is my fault or if its possible, (since Discord rate limits off IP), that someone else is abusing the discord API on

Answered by Alphawastakenn (6) [earned 5 cycles]
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Alphawastakenn (6)

seeing your code I don't think it's your problem. You don't seem to be abusing the discord API in any way. I believe it's problem plus I've been having the same problem a lot lately

Coder100 (18139)

No, it's your fault. Repl specifically designed each repl so that they won't interfere with other repls by default.

Blame yourself before you blame repl lol

KeaganLandfried (39)

I am not trying to blame repl I was just wondering if it was possible, as I havent changed the code but am now getting blocked.

Coder100 (18139)

sometimes you get blocked if you have the bot send too many messages at any given time. Refrain from spamming bot commands. @KeaganLandfried