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Discord.Py Embed Message instead of regular message
replitcode (148)

I came across a bot on the discord server... Repl Talk... and saw that all of its messages were embedded instead of regular text... how do I make MY messages embedded instead of the regular ones?

Answered by mat1 (4456) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4456)

You can use
embed = discord.Embed(title='Embed title',description='Embed description')
await client.send_message(, embed=embed
to send a very simple embed message. You can look at for more things you can do with embeds

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replitcode (148)

@mat1 thanks... thats so cool!

HamzaATHAR (0)

Thank you but how to add links

replitcode (148)

@HamzaATHAR easy as putting in the link in the message event. it should automatically convert to hyperlink status in discord! happy coding my friend!